"I have been training with Jane at NYSC since 2009. My doctor recommended I maintain weekly workouts in strength training to stay fit and to also increase bone density. My husband started with Jane when I told him what a great help she has been to me. We both have seen such great improvement in our flexibility, posture and general well being!

Jane is truly dedicated to her clients and she is passionate about making sure we work to our fullest potential." Sabrina & David M-School Teacher & Business Owner

"I have been going to Jane for a couple of years.I won't go to any other personal trainer. What makes her unique is her ability to work with you mentally. She gets a sense of your personality, how you like to work out (if you like following a program to the letter, or improvising), and develops a unique program for you based on your individual needs and goals while paying special attention to your technique and form. She will not make you feel bad or yell at you if you didn't follow your week's program. you just move on. You will see results, because you will feel comfortable and safe with her.

In addition, she developed a unique program for me while was pregnant, and I m happy to say I stayed within the normal weight gain during my pregnancy!" Stephanie S-Actress